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celestron oag back focus 5mm such as ASI120 ASI224MC ASI290. T Adapter for 9. 4 for adjustment. These two adjustments will give you a wide range of back focus. If however you want to use it with the celestron . The challenge with any OAG is getting proper back focus. com. May 30 2014 I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the Celestron OAG to work with the Tak Sky90. 3. Setting Up An Off Axis Guider by James Lamb. 5mm or a ZWO OAG off axis guider that has got the same thickness as this adapter 16. Leaving their native Scotland in 1951 Hugh moved to Canada to work on dairy farms ZWO T2 to CS Adapter This black anodized metal ZWO T2 M42 to CS Adapter is designed to accept either a C or CS mount lens which can then be attached to any ASI camera. I did need to add a short extender to allow for focus of my lodestar x2 so that dslr and guide camera would focus together. SBIG OAG 8300. Processing Stacked in pixinsight star mask dynamic background extract Aug 28 2018 2 screw on visual back for celestron synta 4 amp 6 refractors focusers 25 2 ADAPTER TO SCT REAR CELL THREAD GOES IN 2 FOCUSER ACCEPTS SCT ACCYS 35 2 OD ALUMINUM EYP DIAG BARREL UNDERCUT SAFETY GROOVE THREADED FOR FILTERS 25 In this case you do not need the OAG for the AO unit just the T mount adaptor to connect the AO to the OAG as seen above. Use six nbsp Features a precision 8mm x 8mm prism it comes complete with M48 and T2 adapters to the scope and M42 and M48 adapters to camera to keep back focus to a nbsp Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light through the OAG weight 0. Use the BFM OAG to attach an autoguider camera to a Baader FlipMirror II Mirror Diagonal that works with every position of the mirror. 15 allowing 10mm 0. 3 Info I 39 ve found online are very confusing Sorry for my terrible english This versatile accessory lets you image and guide through a single telescope without the need for a separate guide scope Its thin 10. SCT has a large back focus so this OAG for SCT has a rich design. for example you need to attach 21mm extender to ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus distance 17. I doubt it will be possible to fit an OAG but at 620mm focal length a guide scope will be fine if the mirror doesn 39 t slop around. ZWO OAG UPC 0713831221666 In The Box 1. Jul 02 2019 I 39 m currently testing my new OAG with a Nikon D7200 and ZWO ASI 290 on a C11 Edge HD and I can achieve focus with both quite easily. OAG are a pain but eliminate differential flexure of a guide scope. Add the t ring and I am way over 105mm. 5. 1. 64 ounces. Features The OAG adapter has a clear aperture of 62. Did 3 minute subs with an off axis guider and good stars coma due to Used telescope and accessories can often be acquired at substantial discount to the equivalent new products. 28 quot per pixel No processing other than levels and crop. The first time you use the OAG you may need to locate a guide star visually with a 1. Apr 17 2017 ZWO1600 6. 17. There are several spacer rings supplied with the OAG to enable you to achieve focus with the camera each of varying thicknesses. Mini camera is very suitable for OAG it can have much biger focus range than normal ASI cameras. Take off the guider prism part and attach the OAG body to the telescope. I am using the Starfish guide camera. Aug 31 2020 Baader 39 s new RCC Off Axis Guider OAG 2956950 is matched specifically for the Baader RCC I Coma Corrector and Digital SLR cameras. I laid out in the video all of the pieces that came with it. It varies greatly depending on the type of telescope Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes SCTs typically have generous back focus distances of approximately 5 in. So it is obvious there is latitude for not having the exact back focus published by Celestron. 25 C11 C14 threaded baffle tube lock nut Sep 26 2013 If your telescope has sufficient back focus and you are looking for a premium quality off axis guider this Celestron OAG is an excellent choice. 3 FR inside the moonlite. The T2 CS adapter is 7mm thick. I was definitely pushing the weight limits of my mount. Can be adjusted out of the prism so it has gained sufficient viewing. Work with OAG. OPtolong Ha 1. 25 quot SCT optical tube alone is about 20 lbs which is within 2 or 3 lbs of the actual load limit of the Celestron AVX mount. Of course I am a Kstars Ekos user and I would like to take advantage from the back focus distance There is quiet a lot of confusion about Back Focus Distance BFD which is basically when the telescope is connected with other equipment units like AO OAG focus reducer or simply the CCD and the focus point must reach the camera chip. Hello Yesterday was my 1st attempt to automate the shooting. mather oag. 47 inches consumes 16 mm of back focus. In this case the guiding camera must be placed at a greater distance from the BFM II. OAG Fort Portal Branch CSR 6. 7mm 2. 0 mm the focal reducer and forget the exact backfocus calculations why I chose 16mm nbsp For example I originally used a Celestron 8 quot SCT instead of an AT8RC. The OAG 8300 is backward compatible with all ST 8300 models. Edited by jfrech14 16 August 2018 10 18 PM. The Celestron Off Axis Guider uses a prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope s focal plane outside the field of view of the main imaging camera to locate a guide star. I have recently bought a meade made in japan f6. 25 inch helical focuser that accepts the QHY5II and QHY5III guide cameras Telescope interface M42 M54 M62 depending on OAG model Celestron Prime Focus T adapter for EdgeHD 925 1100 1400 9. The Celestron EdgeHD OAG Wide Adapter is custom designed to pair with the Celestron Off Axis Guider and a 9. The OAG adapter has a clear aperture of 62. The Celestron OAG SCT adapter T2 adapter add up to 66. adjusts the position of the eyepiece while reducing vibrations from manual focusing. A built in stop prevents the primary mirror from detaching from the focuser. Precise Easy Focusing. 25 size body guide camera 1 . Alternatively the FR can be inserted between the ONAG imager port IP and your imager or filter wheel if any . Back Focus or No Focus by James Adds Extra Back Focus Distance Matte Black Anodized Aluminum The Starlight Xpress 30mm Extension Tube is a small straight tube that screws into their Adaptive Optics system or regular off axis guider and allows for a longer focusing range to get the guide camera parfocal with another manufacturer 39 s camera that has a longer back focus than Back focus with included camera adapter 55 mm Back focus from top of threaded collar 77. I then bolt on the ZWO M54 tilt adapter purchased separately to the M68 OAG. This adapter might help you to achieve 55mm back focus with your camera. Here is what the camera captured 30 second exposure ISO 1600 without the focal reducer. M42 adapter for main imaging camera M48 adapter for main imaging camera OAG body with M48 telescope adapter M42 adapter for telescope The adaptor has a larger 62. In the second image it is the same all the way till the M42 OAG adapter then I have a 5mm M42 spacer followed by the ZWO ASI1600GT Mono camera. For the measurement you measure from the center of the OAG 39 s width to the sensor then from the center of the OAG prism the same distance up and that should be roughly where the sensor needs to be. Likes Sturdy well designed unit. I use a qhy10 aps c sensor OAG and Lodestar x2 for autoguiding. Celestron 39 s own OAG Off Axis Guider would work fine when used without a focal reducer but the introduced focal reducer causes a problem as the achievable back focus from the focal reducer to the camera sensor is 105mm. Smooth helicoid for guide CCD. OPtolong Sii 1. The OAG contains relay optics that move the guide camera to the side of the imaging camera and at the same time a 0. The problem with an 8 quot celestron is that the light cone is pretty narrow and could miss the OAG prism or if some light does hit you may find no guider star on it. 5 Jul 2017 Getting both imaging camera and autoguider to reach focus with one another is time consuming and sometimes requires experimentation. The Celestron Large SCT EdgeHD Adapter pairs with the Off Axis Guider sold separately Consumes 16mm of back focus and weighs only 132 grams. Full frame real time focusing requires an ONAG while full frame guiding does work with any set ups guide scope OAG self guided camera FW or ONAG. Back Focus Standard all models 31 mm 38 mm with front plate adaptor . 48mm clear aperture supports full frame cameras without vignetting. How to use it 1. 7x reducer 5MM ZWO supplied Spacer ASI120MM 12. 5mm and M48 M42 could be replaced by one adapter M48 M48 16. It does fit on nicely For this article the telescope in question is a Celestron EdgeHD 925 with a Canon EOS 60Da imaging camera and Starlight Xpress LodeStar X2 guide camera. 05mm accuracy. 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera whose back focus nbsp Optec Sagitta Off Axis Guider Optec engineers designed the Sagitta OAG to Thus a camera with a mechanical flange back focus distance of 17mm plus a nbsp CCD OAG T2 screw on Off axis Guider for Moravian CCD with T2 connection for the G2 series with respect to the correct back focus optical path 26 mm nbsp 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera whose back focus distance is 12. It attaches to the nice helical focuser but is too far out to come to focus. Processing Stacked in pixinsight star mask dynamic Meade or Celestron . Greg McCall has a similar rig and has focus at 55mm 75mm backfocus. Included pics of image train and caliper on the back focus of OAG camera about 35mm. Distance 17. 4. 5 length 16 diameter Focuser New focuser design minimizes focus shift Finderscope Not included Optical Tube Weight 75 lbs Other features Ventilation fan dual dovetail mounting bars Lightweight and Exquisite 17. Focus was easy during the day and would not recommend trying focus for the first time out at night it was very frustrating. 25 SCT Aug 15 2013 The following graph from Celestron shows that at distances other than 146 one may see coma issues. 47 inches consumes 16 mm of back focus and weighs just 4. Orion Atlas 1499 I originally had a Celestron CG 5 mount that I used with my Celestron C8 for Astrophotography. Setup Celestron Edge HD 11 quot CGX L Mount with Dan 39 s pier plate permanent setup Primarily for use with catadioptric telescopes but also works on refractor telescopes having adequate back focus. Example 1 ASI071MC C has got sensor to flange distance of 17. This minimizes the impact on overall back focus adding only 0. Once in focus slide the guide camera up and down to change distance while looping the view and find the spacing with the best focus. For the health and welfare of our beloved Starizona community we will be temporarily suspending our free telescope viewing on Friday and Saturday nights. This OAG also comes with a locking multi thread 1. Celestron Large SCT EdgeHD Adapter for Off Axis Guider Features My setup is a Celestron Edge 11 inch with an Orion thin OAG ZWO EFW and SBIG ST8300 mono camera. So given my effective focal length of 1630mm and Celestron s nominal focal length of 1500mm that would imply I should move my camera in by 130mm. Final word my understanding is that the celestron OAG guider does not allow enough back focus with the focal reducer 6. Focus the telescope and primary camera first. I used Altair but when the scope was pointing at my intended real target the potential guide stars were too feint. Love can lead a person to many places but for Sadie Oag it would take her across the ocean to a new continent where she joined her childhood sweetheart Hugh living first in Canada and eventually in the United States. And during this reconfiguration my focus motor setting went from 17000 for focus to the current 21000. Clear aperture of 60 mm for up to 35 mm full frame size chips. With the focuser and rotator I still needed to add a 10mm spacer to get 146mm back focus distance. The easiest way to do this is to use the DT 4 extension tube 1905130 with an overall length of 18. 5 mm Optical Tube Aluminum Optical Tube Length 42. This version of the SX OAG is for use with Starlight Xpress cameras and filter wheels. Dec 18 2015 OAG body back focus 29mm. 4 light cone at the recommended on axis back focus distance of 96mm. This arrangement is used for terrestrial photography and short exposure lunar and planetary photography. Acquisition f 6. The connections Easy to adapt the Astromania off axis guider has an M48 thread on the telescope side and an additional socket for 2 inch eyepieces. 5mm nominal distance required for the RCC I. For instance if this configuration is used with a C11 C14 EdgeHD scope you would need that the adapter spacer connection to the scope visual back in front of the ONAG is 146 134 12mm long to meet the Celestron nominal back focus recommendation. 3 mm including the 46. A EHD scope achieves its full capability when the focal plane is placed at a nominal back focus distance NBF from the scope visual back. The M68 OAG bolts onto the 2 quot EFW. Hi everyone I 39 m having a difficult time getting my new cam to work properly with my Celestron OAG. OAG is a leading global travel data provider that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. 6. The innovative OAG 8300 turns any STF 8300 into a self guiding camera system. I did ask about spacer rings to focus the autoguider on the OAG and he told me that the Celestron OAG I 39 m getting has some type of helical method to change the distance to the pick off mirror and focus the camera. Celestron over looked one thing in their design of the OAG. In cooperation with the Texas Legislature the OAG provides vital support to victims of crime throughout the state by awarding grants and contracts to hundreds of local and statewide victim assistance programs. I am just at the limit of back focus with this setup. 5 mm. Did you add an OAG finally to your setup I 39 m trying to figure out how i can add an OAG in front of the Moonlite and respect the 105mm back focus from the 6. 5mm profile makes the Orion Thin Off Axis Guider a unique and versatile offering to today 39 s astrophotographers. Double rotating device arrived back and forth. Using M68 OAG and M54 filter drawer Jun 14 2018 Note The total back focus length of this solution is 56mm The two adapters T2 M48 16. Take off the guider prism part and attach OAG body to the telescope. Thus a very short adaptation is possible. The back focus distance is 55 mm for both G2 OAG variants. Shame they don 39 t give us the data in the specs. Celestron Focus Motor for SCT and EdgeHD https amzn. Jun 08 2019 Back Focal Distance amp Your Telescope First Use of Celestron 39 s OAG on a C9. 3 FR The new total optical back focus in this configuration is TOBF IBF OIBF 68 66 134 mm. According to Wayne at Starlight with the Feather Touch you actually gain a bit of back focus compared to the stock focuser. Focus like a eyepiece. I pointed to M31 and requested 240 images 60 sec each then hit the sack In the morning I Celestron CCD Imagers ZWO M68 OAG Off Axis Guider suitable for ASI1600 ASI294 ASI183 ASI174 whose back focus distance is 6. oag. OAG is on the heavy side but a solidly built device with many accessories to accommodate different scopes etc This OAG is the perfect solution for back focus constraints when using DSLRs with focal reducers newtonian etc. Simple issue with focal reducers is that they are built to a specific back focus distance of about 55mm. 5mm 55mm 2. Celestron Off Axis Guider. . This OAG accepts 1. The Moon or a bright star cluster are good targets to start with so you can clearly see Mar 16 2018 total back focus distance 160. NEW Elements ThermoTank 3 On the trail at the job site in the classroom or simply sitting at home relaxing the Celestron Elements ThermoTank 3 will keep your hands toasty. 5mm multi coated prism with aluminized backing for maximum reflectivity and illumination to the autoguider. 64oz. 25 11 amp 14 EdgeHD optical tubes. 3 in a short Agos adapter tube. 23 53. 5mm to ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus distance 17. My setup has a TS 50mm extension adapter with for 6 amp 8 inch RC connected to the scope TS part no GSRCV50 to accommodate the long back focus. So back to my original question anyone with experience with the Orion vs TS thin OAG Chris The SCT Corrector II like the original SCT Corrector has a 2 quot barrel that allows it to fit into a 2 quot visual back or 2 quot focuser. I resolved that by adding one of the supplied rings to extend the OAG 39 s guide camera tube. 5 from f12 and i really love the wider view and image brightness. That 39 s a total of 121. OAG Audit League 9. If this is not monitored constantly the result is bloated stars washed out images with a subsequent loss of fine detail. 3 focal reducer corrector requires a backfocus distance of 105mm from the end of the reducer to the imaging sensor on your nbsp With a body measuring 36. I bought it to be used on the 8SE. It has an SCT threaded ring on the front end this designed to attach directly to the rear cell of the SCT so a 50mm thread. 12. 5mm Extender Ring. 5mm thick . The OAG 8300 is designed to work with either the 5 position or 8 position filter wheel but can also be used without a filter wheel by utilizing a Filter Wheel Spacer. The mechanical tolerances there are OK for visual use but are loose enough that the mirror can move slightly when the attitude of the telescope changes significantly as when crossing the Meridian. 5MM gt Moonlite CHL 62MM gt Edge . Back focus distance from primary mirror baffle tube lock ring in C5 5 in C6 5 in C8 5 in C925 5. 25 and it works like a charm. Then proceed to focus the autoguider using the helical focus adjustment. On fullsize cameras for example like my ASI224MC you can unscrew the nose piece and thread extension tubes in order to achieve the correct distance from the OAG to the guide camera sensor. 5 mm spacer in place of the 15 still comes out to 145. I nsert the prism part into the OAG body. The adapter is directly attached to the tube of a SCT or EdgeHD. 5mm such as ASI120 ASI224MC ASI290 etc. The Celestron Optical assembly suffers from very rapid expansion amp contraction when subjected to temperature differences amp I ve seen changes in focus in less than a minute. 6 micro focusing especially smooth helical focusing with 0. 5mm profile makes the Orion Thin Off Axis Guider or OAG a unique and versatile offering to today 39 s astrophotographers. Back focus is the distance from the end of your eyepiece drawtube to the focal plane of your telescope. 25 quot 11 quot 14 quot EdgeHD May 27 2020 If you stick it in a system with more back focus you may want to change the setup for better reduction however. Only used a handful of times excellent condition. James Lamb 4 456 views. Could you help me to know the correct backfocus I need to have right correction and reducer factor of 6. 64. Its thin 10. From my location in Southern Ontario the temperature varies wildly throughout each season from 30 C in July to 30C in January. 5mm 55mm . 7X reducer effectively doubles the field of view of the guider. 5mm Attorney General 39 s Energy White Paper April 2004 pdf Report Front Cover pdf Report Back Cover pdf This report examines the breakdown in the state 39 s deregulated energy market from a law enforcement perspective and provides recommendations for improving and protecting consumers in deregulated energy markets. Specifications. 47 quot consumes 16 mm of back focus and weighs just 132g 4. The weight of a 9. The focuser has two concentric focus knobs. The measurements listed below . 25 quot 6. Dec 05 2016 I have the same Moonlite crayford in my setup with a SC8 XLT and 6. 25 EdgeHD visual back. The camera itself takes up 55mm to the sensor. Celestron CPC Sale 2 EFW and M68 OAG to get the best back focus length solutions Long back focus of 17mm may present problems when trying to reach focus on an OAG but nose piece can be removed. 6 Aug 2019 Showcase Celestron OAG. 5mm 55mm. The SCT adapter that comes with the OAG has a 2 inch opening thread which is perfectly fine when using it in the F10 configuration it simply screws onto the visual back adapter of the OTA. The Pyxis LE can also accommodate Schmidt Cassegrain f 6. It is machined out of aluminium and anodised black. For more information visit www. Better to replace with Baader Clicklock visual back for SCT. Similarly Maksutov Cassegrains Maks also have large back focus distances. It threads onto the rear cell. Free Shipping Open Box Astrodon 18mm Focus Extension f 250 Lens MMOAG amp MEMOAG ZWO M42 M48 Adapter 16. 5mm 8 pos 238 x 238 x 87. 25 11 or 14 quot SCT and EdgeHD catadioptric telescopes with DSLRs like the Canon 5D or 6D. 7reducer to the camera sensor. Focus with Robofocus on the primary focuser. 5mm 21mm 16. The field is flat with an image circle approximately 42mm in diameter. 3mm quot T quot thread adaptor between the OAG and the Nikon quot T quot mount back focus 12. 25 quot 7nm. The ZWO OAG is compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras. The 12. Nov 01 2019 Also I will show you how to setup the Off axis guider ZWO OAG and PHD2 guiding with ZWO OAG. To start off if we look at the back of the Celestron EdgeHD telescope OTA there is the Celestron orange and black 1. 5 exit hole which matches the size of the exit hole on the rear cell of an 8 SCT. Jun 18 2011 What Celestron should have done with this scope is fix the primary mirror and lock it down so it could not move and then use a separate focuser on the back. M ount the guide camera. Thus a camera with a mechanical flange back focus distance of 17mm plus a 20mm thick filter wheel attached directly to the camera face will have an OPL of 38mm 17mm 20mm 1mm for the filters . However if I add an Atik OAG I am afraid I will be nbsp We anticipate the TCF LEO will help many imagers struggling with minimal back focus on scopes such as the Celestron EdgeHD C1100. S crew the T2 or M48 adaper on the imaging camera according to your the mount type. The Off Axis Guider from Celestron is an astrophotography accessory used to compensate for tracking errors and align the focal planes of an imaging camera and autoguider. M42 adapter for main imaging camera nbsp Celestron says the optimum back focus on the EdgeHD 800 is 133 mm but even without any spacers just the OAG body and SCT and T thread adapters adding nbsp 7x 925 Edge HD focal reducer Complete with the Celestron OAG and proper back focus spacers. Focusing Focusing is accomplished by turning a knob on the rear cell that moves the primary mirror fore and aft along the central baffle tube to adjust the focus. Headquartered in the UK OAG has global operations in the USA Singapore Japan Lithuania and China. With this OAG an autoguider camera that is adaptable to each mirror position can be added to the Baader Flip Mirror II. Adjustable tilt pick off mirror. The only delta between Greg s and my kit is I have an OAG which will not impact on the prime focus. 3mm of backfocus the guider body consumes 29mm the M42 adapter consumes 12. Is there I gave up and went back to guide scope but yes others swear by OAG. I use this OAG with my Celestron Edge HD 9. TCF LEO is designed nbsp Plenty of back focus accommodates just about any imaging setup. Ideally we want our auto guider OPL to match this distance. Celestron CI 700 Mount Please do not move the focus ring when in lock status to avoid the damage. Very sturdy body. Scope arrived within few days after placing the order. 25 SCT by James Lamb. Purchasing used is a great way to save some money or try a product category that you aren 39 t quite sure about. The focus lock screw feels secure and on undoing the helicoil focus ring is able to turn and gives you a very smooth focusing adjustment of several millimetres. 4mm sct to sct adapter plate adapter in front of the oag and scope put a 16. It is designed specifically for use with the Celestron OAG to The Celestron off axis guider OAG93648 mounts securely onto the rear cell or focuser of your telescope. The guider 39 s 36. One detail that I didn t cover in the video was the stars are slightly elongated towards the edges of the image. 25 size body guide camera 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera whose back focus distance is 12. May 21 2018 The OAG accepts a standard 1. Attaching the Lepus HD C9. Never to worry about that guide camera can not focus with main camera at same 140 rotatable Off Axis Guider OAG to connect onto T 2 threadsSpecially created for the RCC I Newton Coma CorrectorWith this OAG a Baader T Ring and a crossaim eyepiece or guider you can guide every DSLR camera quot Off axis quot without additional rings or ex The Office of the Attorney General OAG provides a comprehensive approach to administering and acquiring various types of grants. Insert the prism back into the OAG body. Includes a precision 1. 25 quot 11 quot or 14 quot SCT or EdgeHD optical tube. SAI Kenya bench marking visit Interview with Director CG2 5. Orion Deluxe OAG Switching from a guide scope to this OAG completely eliminated the AT8RC flexure problems. I focused during the day as you suggest and I could get focus when pointed a a bright star. Sep 11 2018 Backyard of the Week September 11 2018. Here are the Celestron recommended distances for various EHD models behind the surface of the telescope s rear cell 2 for C8 and 3 for C9. Easy to rotate the guidescope or the dslr camera individually. TCF LEO is designed nbsp Features a precision 8mm x 8mm prism it comes complete with M48 and T2 adapters to the scope and M42 and M48 adapters to camera to keep back focus to a nbsp ZWO OAG body with M48 telescope adapter 5 . Note The total back focus length of this solution is 56mm. Nov 13 2016 Celestron EVO 9. Celestron EdgeHD 11 with reducer at f 7 Mount Celestron CGE Pro Guiding Software MetaGuide with dithering from SGP Guiding Mode Off axis guiding with Hutech OAG5 Imaging Camera Atik 383L Guiding Camera QHY5l ii Collimation MetaGuide Focus SGP and RoboFocus on the primary focuser no mirror locks used Exposure Time approx Back focus is going to be very limited. 2. 25 quot to 1. Lock it down with the set screw s and then when you focus the primary image the guide image will also be in focus. What is unique about the OAG 8300 is the 7 element internal optical design. Mount the guide camera. Material black anodised aluminium Nov 25 2018 However from the field flattener to the camera I need 45mm back focus. This guider is a tremendous improvement over conventional off axis guiders. Calculate the correct distance for your imaging train. When it is Put one piece on front of the OAG one on back side of the OAG. It refers to the length from the middle of the flattener reducer to the sensor. It yields lower magnifications a wider field of view and a faster photographic f number than the original f 10 configuration of the OTA. ZWO OAG Introduction by James Lamb. Use this T adapter to connect your SLR DSLR camera or any 42mm threaded CCD camera to the Celestron EdgeHD 925 1100 1400 9. OAG body with M48 telescope adapter. The impact of the Coronavirus continues to be felt throughout the world. 7 mm 2. ZWO ASI120MM mini Guide Camera on Celestron OAG. Acquired and focused with SGP. More on that in the video. Celestron s award winning Nature DX binocular gets a major upgrade with the addition of ED objective lenses. 5 mm in length backfocus is set at the theoretical an Off Axis Guider such as this particular unit from Celestron is an essential nbsp ZWO OAG Adapter features Lightweight and beautifully machined 16. I also am able to focus both cameras which is as important as the back focus. com Oct 28 2008 Next I did some astrophotography tests with the Antares focal reducer. 64oz . 5mm adjustable prism is capable of transmitting brighter guide stars by moving closer to the center of the telescope 39 s focal plane without entering the imaging camera 39 s field of view which is especially useful Lessons learned from my first use of Celestron 39 s off axis guider and how to center on a guide star indoors and during the day The Celestron Off Axis Guider Adapter v2 provides a large 63mm clear aperture to cover today 39 s larger imaging sensors with proper back focus spacing for astrophotographers who shoot through 9. 5 Aug 2018 I 39 ve been testing using my C8 on my Celestron Advanced VX mount which has With the off axis guider OAG I can take off the Borg and just have this are not attached to the back of the telescope rather they are held in the there instead which happened to be in perfect focus with the ZWO camera. Jun 24 2017 The OAG is dependent on getting enough light onto the prism and adjusting the focus a bit or sliding the guider camera in out dpeneding on the adapter you have. May be used to image stabilize many other makes and types of camera given suitable control software. 25 Edition telecompressor to the back of the OTA will yield an approximate f 6. After focusing you can lock the focus mechanism with thumbscrews. Imager Pro is a monochrome ccd camera produced my Meade Instruments. I also have a qhy5l iim which I 39 ve yet to take out of the box. However when used with an ONAG the guider FOV at once is up to 28mm supporting the use of large diagonal like APS C classes guider. It has a clear aperture of 62. 5MM gt FW 20MM gt OAG 16. 475 in C11 5. to 2NI0oDn 2 quot filters are always back How to assemble a ZWO ASI6200MM PRO 2 EFW and M68 OAG December 27th 2019 In this article you will learn how to connect a ZWO ASI6200MM Pro a ZWO 2 EFW and ZWO M68 OAG to get the best back focus length of 55mm. First Use of Celestron 39 s OAG on a C9. Thus we more recommend you go solution 4 and 5. In this case you need to consider the 66mm 2. Question I need 105 mm back focus from the FR to the ST10XME chip so can I mount the my AO 8 in front of the FR in the following optical train Feb 03 2014 At this point I was somewhat satisfied with the focus and then decided to try attaching the focal reducer Celestron 0. Click for full size The ZWO 68mm OAG is designed for full frame camera 39 s like the ASI6200mm. Nearly any camera can be placed above the BFM OAG by using one or two DT 4 nosepiece extensions for parfocalization with the recording camera. In the end I cannot get it to work I can t get the guide camera to come to focus. About OAG. Note the camera accounts for 56mm including the T thread adaptor. My reducer has an M48 male connection so I need an M54 male to M48 female adapter. You might note that a Canon camera requires about 55mm of backfocus. All of the other EdgeHD scopes have 146mm of backfocus with or without the reducer leaving lots of spare backfocus. Only one of the clusters is visible. ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Imaging Camera. Package contains 2 inch Celestron diagonal with not very comfortable connection 92 rotation mechanism. Celestron Cpc1100 at reduced FL 1790mm Celestron focal reducer 0. 7 mm 2. 64 oz. Focusing is easier more accurate and more stable than ever. M48 adapter for the camera. To focus all you need to do is turn the focusing ring clockwise to move the camera support down or counter clockwise to move it up. 25 quot focuser with an approximate range of 6mm. 7mm clear aperture takes up only 16mm of back focus and weighs 131g. 5mm back focus distance ZWO EFW 20mm thick and ZWO OAG 16. 5 adapter the filter wheel and space to sensor to achieve 55mm of distance. I do not like having my 2 000 camera and filterwheel hanging off the back of this thing held in with three screws only. As the summer comes to a close so do the hot humid nights of astrophotography in the backyard. On the other end is the standard male T thread 42mm. For more details and a downloadable instruction manual please see our website. 7 mm and needs 16 mm back focus. Ship to continental US or meet in Houston area. 3mm Sep 01 2018 The Celestron OAG I use has a helical focuser on the guide camera fitting so achieving focus was not the issue. 5mm 78. 3mm 29mm 12. If you are using a DSLR via a T2 adapter or an eyepiece clamp for the search eyepiece you will need more back focus. 5 or so with a slightly wider adapter hole on the camera side. Both these setups allow for the proper back focus of 147mm from the . This T Adapter allows you to attach your 35 mm DSLR camera to the prime focus of your EdgeHD telescope. 5mm . Off Axis Guider BFM OAG for direct connection to the Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal 2458055 190 09 This is the only prism that can be tuned to actively center a star on the guiding chip. There is 5mm of total travel available allowing you to easily focus the optional guide camera. You only have to remove the small spacer ring which is included as shown in the image to the left so that the prism is fully inserted into the light path of the BFM II. But the 10 or larger Celestron or Meade SCTs have a significantly larger baffle tube and thus a 2 exit hole in the rear cell. 25 eyepiece. 8mm of the available 133mm so there 39 s plenty of room. 25 quot Drawtube usually required to perform off axis guiding with the Targetron when using a 35mm camera in the output port. 5mm. Jun 25 2020 This is a quick look and review of the Celestron OAG off axis guider for astrophotography its one of the largest commercially available Off Axis Guider designed with full frame astronomy Jun 19 2016 This is my Celestron Off Axis Guider. ASI mini camera can focus at same position as eyepiece. 9. It needs to get closer by 10 20mm. No problems with mirror flop or mirror shift. Variant with T thread M42 0. The Celestron OAG SCT adapter consumes 25. In addition to the Alan Gee amp the provided 19mm spacer tubes I would need BTA T adapter Baader Varilock 29 at 20mm Thanks for the nice review. To achieve this we would need a comparatively short adapter to convert from the SC thread into M48. But getting focus with the guider camera which is a qhy5l iic is not working for me. start with caculating the correct required distance for your imaging train. High Point offers Celestron spare replacement parts as a courtesy and per policy are unable to offer refunds or take returns. The C9. I put it back with the blueball 1 quot 25. 3 FR You also need the back focus of your Touptek guider because you need its sensor and the DLSR sensor to be equidistant from the OAG prism to get your image in focus and the guide star image in focus at the same time. The M54 tilt adapter has an M54 female connector on the scope side. This adaptor doesn 39 t fill the whole back focus of 146mm which allow room for other accessories in the image train like filter wheels etc. I am currently only able to achieve focus at 141mm. 7x reducer to Celestron OAG off axis guider 93648 L 16. Greetings I recently purchased Celestron 39 s new off axis guider your OAG is 29mm so your total backfocus is 55mm 29mm 84mm so you nbsp 5 Jul 2017 Getting both imaging camera and autoguider to reach focus with one another is time consuming and sometimes requires experimentation. Zwo OAG Zwo asi178mc for guiding. Average Moon Phase was Back to MetaGuide MetaGuide NGC 6188 Ha Oiii with ASI 1600 MM Cool EdgeHD11 f 10 0. 100 degrees rotation without detaching from camera. We anticipate the TCF LEO will help many imagers struggling with minimal back focus on scopes such as the Celestron EdgeHD C1100. 4 mm This is 14. Acquisition f 2 config so pretty fast 90 subs of 64 seconds gain 270. Model atik_oag The new Atik Off Axis Guider fits directly to the Atik EFW2 Motorised filter wheel . 3 reducer corrector for my Orion 150mm f12 mak it s not a direct fit on the mak visual back so i bought mak to sct adapter and a sct visual back and it works nice on mak making it f7. As an example you need to attach a 21mm extender to an ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus. 28 Apr 2020 The Celestron f 6. 4 115 subs of 32 seconds gain 270. 146mm but stars are round to the edge of the chip. 63x between the OTA a Celestron 9. Back focus requirement on the BFM II is 24 mm. The Off Axis Guider is an essential astro imaging accessory for long focal length telescopes that require the most accurate guiding possible. 15kg. As with the SCT adaptor that is supplied with the OAG the camera side of the adaptor has a dovetail profile to allow secure fitment when the OAG body locking screws are tightened and also allows the OAG to be rotated 360 degrees. 25HD features an optimized back focus of 146mm and native focal ratio of about f 9. 1 Mechanically configured the OAG with my DSLR so that it properly connects to the back of my SCT 2 Mechanically attached the 120 Mini as a guide camera on the OAG 3 Connected the guide camera via mini USB to the ASIAIR 4 Connected the Ethernet port of the ASIair to the quot guide quot port of the Celestron AVX mount. I attached my Nikon D70 DSLR to a prime focus adapter and inserted it into the 2 quot star diagonal. Since I am working at 67mm with the CCDT67 that means a thin OAG can fit into the system with a Canon DSLR. 47 inches consumes 16 mm of back focus and is machined out of black anodized aluminum. In order to assist with focusing of the guide camera the Celestron OAG features a smooth non rotating helical focuser the non rotating part of the description means when the helical focuser is used to focus the focuser barrel does not rotate i. If used with a C mount lens back focus is 16 Aug 2018 Celestron OAG backfocus calculations posted in Equipment Hi All Ive read a number of topics here about working out the backfocus for nbsp OAG BACKFOCUS. In between I have an Celestron Off Axis Guider and a Astromania 2 inch manual filter wheel. In this configuration the ONAG back focus does not play any role in the calculation of the distance q. Medium quot T quot thread spacer to allow guide camera to reach same focus as DSLR sensor 11. The main portion of the OAG is 16. Fixed orientation helical focuser for easy smooth and accurate autoguider focus. 75 quot 19mm of back focus to the camera and filter wheel. 6 ONAG back focus in the calculation of q. Automatic focus by SGP at start and at approx 30 minute. Requires 24mm back focus on BFM II You can attach the Off Axis Guider for Baader FlipMirror II BFM OAG directly to the Baader FlipMirror II Mirror Diagonal. 0 Celestron 39 s polar adjustment knob is meant to replace lost or damaged adjustment knobs on the Celestron CGEM CGEM DX mounts. 75 allows attachment to many adapters this thread is used by a lot of astronomical equipment manufacturers. 975 in from 3 in Primary Mirror Baffle Tube Lock Ring The OAG adapter has a clear aperture of 62. Guided with OAG and MetaGuide. Celestron says the optimum back focus on the EdgeHD 800 is 133 mm but even without any spacers just the OAG body and SCT and T thread adapters adding up to 113. Back Focus 101 DSO CCD CMOS Cameras amp the Celestron f Its thin 10. 8mm. 3 is 85mm so around 45mm required to get F5 taking into account back focus of infinity only about 32mm spacer required Information courtesy of CN EAA imaging. 47 inches Thickness 16 mm of back focus Weight 131g 4. 5mm 55mm 2. I was able to get only 1 sub picture in between broken layers so please let me know how good this image is 1 light 30 Darks 30 BIAS ISO800 The OAG adapter has a clear aperture of 62. M48 adapter for main imaging camera. William Optics also offers DSLR adapters that attach to the back of the scope where you can hook up your Canon or Nikon camera with no additional spacers. Take off the guider prism part from the OAG and attach the OAG body to the telescope. M42 adapter for telescope Apr 21 2020 Celestron claims a 24mm image circle for their reducer when you use a 105mm back focus I also can 39 t get clean stars over an APS C sensor when using the Celestron reducer with my 6 quot SCT . Ultra Stable Focus System. 5mm 11. Image shift factor independent of the optical system or camera back focus spacing. You will save about 27mm of back focal length if you use this method. Bought a new focuser and cannot get the correct back focus with this OAG with my filter wheel. 5mm multi coated prism with aluminized backing for maximum reflectivity and illumination to the autoguider Fixed orientation helical focuser for easy smooth and accurate autoguider focus 48mm clear aperture supports full frame cameras without vignetting Includes adapters with the correct spacing for Reflectors Rather than lenses these telescopes use mirrors to focus an image on the eyepiece. Comes with OAG Off Axis Guider STAR2000 guiding compatible. 25 11 14 . If you use the QHY5L II as your guide camera its position is adjustable when inserted into the QHY OAG L. The ZWO 68mm OAG is designed for full frame camera 39 s like the ASI6200mm. I have heard horror stories of how hard it is to achieve focus with the OAG. The Celestron OAG I have is old and basic very basic. 47 quot consumes 16mm of back focus and weighs just 4. 599 You save 50 . Insert the prism part into the OAG body. 7 75mm of back focus. 3 focal reducer. Captured with sharpcap and guided with phd2. Clear aperture 62. This is good news as I am hoping to be able to use my Celestron OAG with it both with and without the Takahashi reducer. G2 OAG is manufactured in two variants with different front thread. 25 holder for 1. Sale price 300. STAR2000 cameras may be used directly without the OAG but the AO correction rate must be kept reasonably slow or amplifier glow effects may become a Fitting a 2 inch BDS RT Baader Diamond Steeltrack Focuser to a Teleskop Service GSO 8 inch Ritchey Chretien Background The TS 8 inch RC has M90x1mm connections at the focuser end of the scope. With the launch of the 8 RASA Celestron is unveiling a new focuser design that mitigates lateral movement of the primary mirror when focusing slewing or tracking with the astrograph. I 39 m attached to a celestron c8. I would give this product 5 stars if the connection between the camera and or filterwheel was threaded. Off Axis Guiders or OAG 39 s can potentially be used with any telescope providing there is sufficient back focus. FOCUSING I 7 FOCUSING Always start by focusing the imaging camera with your telescope. They also needed to put fans in the back of the tube to cool the primary down like Astro Tech did for their Ritchey. 25 SCT Duration 22 54. 24 17. Media Contact Caroline Mather. 25 holder. 35mm cameras typically focus about an inch and a half back compared to eyepieces and CCD cameras. So the focuser OAG combo need to be about 80mm 3. Features a moving prism to enable selection of the best quality stars within the corrected field of view while maintaining the ability to use sensor sizes up to full frame 35mm and a silky smooth helical fine focus mechanism with three An alternative filter wheel face plate for direct attachment of the H18 and M26 cameras is also available not suitable for other SX cameras as the OAG cannot achieve focus for these without the camera adaptor in place . e the guide camera and its field of view does not rotate . 4 mm longer than recommended by Celestron ca. Celestron T Adapter EdgeHD 9. 25 Focal length of Meade 3. No problem with back focus. Optolong OIII 1. 475 in from 3 in 2 in Reducer Plate 5. The OAG adaptor has a clear aperture of 62. 975 in from 3 in Primary Mirror Baffle Tube Lock Ring C14 5. Sep 03 2014 Celestron have now put a new larger adaptor into production which will allow connection between the HD reducer and the OAG without major vignetting. 5 mcphailtom The Celestron Off Axis Guider uses a prism to intercept a small portion of the telescope s focal plane outside the field of view of the main imaging camera to locate a guide star. The Celestron OAG makes vertical balance in dec easy to achieve because it keeps most of the weight of imaging and guiding cameras along close to the radial axis of the optical tube. 5mm body length sets the backfocus at the 91. I don 39 t know the back focus of f6. 5mm thick and along with the required machined adapters will provide a solid connection at all points. Jan 29 2020 1. The Celestron Off Axis Guider uses a prism to intercept a small portion of the telescopes focal plane outside the field of view of the main imaging camera to locate a guide star. 5nm. EdgeHD 0. The 2 quot EFW comes with this adapter and it takes up zero back focus. The guider has a small prism off to one side of the guider body that intercepts a portion of the telescope s light cone outside the field of view of the main imaging camera to locate a guide star. All these parts can be purchased from 365Astronomy or their dealer network. Optics looks great. My first target was the Double Cluster. Jun 14 2018 The back focus is depend on that you install the flattener or reducer which requires 55mm back focus. Celestron UHC filter. Institutional Development Co operation between SNAO and OAG extended 8. Lightweight nbsp We run a Celestron CPC SCT fork mounted 11inch monster that does a super job on One thing to consider is how much back focus you have. 3 with Celestron Focal Reducer around 1300 mm focal length SkyWatcher EQ6 R Pro mount. Complete Celestron OAG in original box with Large SCT Adapter Celestron Item 93652 . A 7 element relay lens system in the guider transfers the image from the pick off mirror to the optional ST i guide camera which is positioned to the side of the main camera and filter wheel. Celestron CPC Sale 2 EFW and M68 OAG to get the best back focus length solutions The Celestron OAG allows you to rotate the reticle eyepiece approximately 145 degrees around the outside of the telescope 39 s field of view without changing the position of the camera or the focus of the telescope. The f 6. If you can 39 t get to 105mm back focus then you really can 39 t use the Celestron reducer. To make sure your system comes to focus you will need to calculate the required distance for your imaging train and then use the proper extender. 1 Auditor General lauds OAG Women s Forum 2 OAG where we are and where we want to be 3. This allows a much better chance of finding a guide star without having to rotate the complete OAG camera assembly. 7x HD focal reducer you discover the design A focal reducer is an accessory that screws onto the threads on the back of your SCT s optical tube assembly OTA to give a smaller and brighter image at prime focus. 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera with back focus distance of 12. FocusMax V4 does a great job with autofocus. Sep 18 2017 Our cooled camera have 2 nature back focus. I pointed to M31 and requested 240 images 60 sec each then hit the sack In the morning I NEW CELESTRON CGE DX HD TRIPOD UT 14257. Add these up 25. Celestron Dew Shield. Celeston NexStar 8SE at f 6. This telescope adapter created by the specialists at Celestron has a clear aperture of 62. 5 mm to my Nikon s image plane the Lodestar would still be outside the grasp of the guider. Celestron Prime Focus T adapter for EdgeHD 925 1100 1400 9. Guiding this way will correct for tracking errors as well as opto mechanical errors or flexure. It sounds like your just getting started. It 39 s ideal for use with Newtonian reflector telescopes which have limited quot back focus quot travel. M4 2 adapter for main imaging camera. The big advantage of reflecting Celestron telescopes is that not only is it easier to make large mirrors than large lenses but they also produce less aberration so you get a better overall performance. The larger black ribbed outer knob provides standard speed focusing while the ribbed inner brass knob provides 1 10th speed fine focusing making the Feather Touch MicroFocuser extremely accurate. Scope required small collimation but it can be done very easily with high mag eyepiece and a bit defocused star. 5mm In looking at this i have 43 MM backspacing between my OAG where it connects to moonlite and ZWO 1600 but depending on how far up and down the OAG stalk is maybe 25 30MM backspacing between OAG and ASI 120. I replaced the stock adapter with the Celestron Large Adapter for OAG this combination gives my zero vingetting with my full frame DSLR. Most accurate way to guide improved accuracy compared to using a separate guide scope 12. Hi I have a SCT Meade LX200R 14 and have purchased a Celestron focal reducer f6. and centered in a camera connected to a guide scope or off axis guider. Flexure in the primary mirror cell necessitates use of OAG. OAG marks start of new Audit Year 7. If you use a DSLR via a T 2 adapter or an eyepiece clamp for the eyepiece you need more back focus. Celestron Focus Motor. You can focus with a eyepiece and put ASI mini camera into 1. 25 quot 11 quot 14 quot EdgeHD Telescopes. You may need to configure the OAG to your particular telescope camera and autoguider combination. 5mm BACKFOCUS M42 male threads without 11mm ring. Large prism. Focusing on the moon is the best way to focus an OAG. However if I add an Atik OAG I am afraid I will be out of luck another 24 mm back focus . For example you need to attach a 21mm extension to the ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus 17. Millburn wedge. 5mm then you add a 21mm T2 T2 extension and then you add either this extension 16. You will need a way of mating the 48mm filter threads to the OAG. 5mm 21mm 16. Since I am working at 67mm with the CCDT67 that means a thin OAG can fit into the system nbsp The ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter Mk II is a revised edition of the popular ZWO OAG offering a tab more adjustment possibilities than the original. Focusing the guide camera has been at issue but I now have stars showing in PHD2. Not only is the angle of the prism tunable but it also maintains a fixed rigid camera orientation while still offering users the freedom to move the Hi guys I own a Celestron C8 since 1997 that I proudly use for deep sky imaging. It is machined out of black anodized aluminum and attaches to the large baffle lock nut threads on the rear of the telescope. 3 optics or any 43mm diameter optical system without adding additional back focus. telecompressor to Celestron OAG while maintaining standard 55mm back focus for DSLR. To focus the primary mirror of a Celestron or Meade SCT slides up and down on the baffle tube that protrudes from the main mirror. 7 mm or 2. astrophotography celestronuniverse. 25 ZWO ASI1600MM Pro 6. Therefore with an EdgeHD SCT and the matching focal reducer a thin OAG is required. There is no need to look for guide star. 25 quot 11 quot 14 quot EdgeHD Aug 28 2017 recently I 39 ve bought a C8 and I 39 ve ordered an Antares f 6. The knob from Celestron is black in color with a metal thread. 3 reducer maybe you can ask celestron for a drawing so I can tell you how to measure the back focus. caroline. Dec 19 2019 Please note that the back focus length of the solution 2 and 3 is 56mm and the M48 M42 adapter will block the sensor for a little bit as the diagonal of the ASI6200 sensor is already 43mm. 3 so I am expecting a nbsp 23 Jul 2019 Lessons learned from my first use of Celestron 39 s off axis guider and how to center on a guide star indoors and during the day 19 Jun 2016 I am still using a guidescope ST80 . Jul 05 2019 To set up for imaging I had to reach the prescribed back focus distance and I used one 16. It weighs only 130 grams and is made of black anodized aluminium. The relevant sites Skywatcher ZWO etc list the backfocus as 55mm or 75mm depending upon measurement points etc. The problem with the standard Celestron or Meade Visual Back adapter is that it provides a 1. In this article you will learn how to connect a ZWO ASI6200MM Pro a ZWO 2 EFW and ZWO M68 OAG to get the best back focus length of 55mm. 5mm thickness Celestron 39 s own OAG Off Axis Guider would work fine when used without a focal reducer but the introduced focal reducer causes a problem as the achievable back focus from the focal reducer to the camera sensor is 105mm. This is made to attach a DSLR directly to the focal reducer. If your telescope does not have such an adapter we recommend our Virtual View rotating visual back which allows for easily changing the camera orientation without loosening any lock screws. 25 SCT and the OAG refocused the primary imaging camera and have been unable to see stars with the guide camera since. 15 May 2020 FocusLynx Telescope Focus Controller Systems . 5mm 55mm . Any movement seen by the guide star will be the exact same movement seen by the imaging camera. The QSI 583WSG camera has an internal OAG so no additional back focus distance is used. It wasn t until much later that I discovered the root cause back focus matters I had tried several adjustments to guiding focus and polar alignment but it wasn t until a fellow astrophotographer suggested back focus that I actually check this. The field won 39 t be flat. Zwo asi294mc for imaging. The Role of a National Oil Company 4. The result better A CCD camera with a short back focus for example can be adjusted to this distance with a VariLock 29 as can the Polaris I crosshair eyepiece when connected directly to the VariLock 29 via T 2. . 5mm BACKFOCUS M42 female threads with 11mm ring. 3 telecompressors available from Celestron Meade Antares and Hirsch fit directly into the 2 inch nosepiece of the Pyxis LE. SCT thread adaptor between the OAG and the reducer back focus 25. I 39 m using the OAG with reducer. 25 quot nose piece but I found that I needed to add an extension tube to the QHY in order to get focus and that then made the connection to the OAG a bit unstable. Dimensions 5 pos 189 x 189 x 87. I 39 ve very interested in this product but want to make certain I 39 m clear on what I would need to use it with my old model C9. 22 54. 25 quot autoguiders and guiding eyepieces. celestron oag back focus